Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Haven, Baby Bellini

This is Zoya Haven and Rimmel Cocktail Colour in Baby Bellini:
I've always thought Haven seemed like a near-match for Thea, which I showed in the last entry and which is below it on this wheel - but actually Baby Bellini looks even more closer to Thea on the wheel. Haven is somewhat darker but I do think it's pretty similar over all, too.  Both of these are basically metallic finishes - some of the other Cocktail Colours are sheerer than this one seems to be.

Cocktail Colours was an LE line and I believe is long-gone. Haven is still available from Zoya. (I used to say Zoya never discontinued anything and then they did discontinue some of my favorites, so I can't say that any more, but they still tend to turn colors over more slowly than a lot of other brands, I think.)

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