Friday, June 10, 2016

NOTD: Ivanka

I slapped on Zoya Ivanka on the way out the door the other day. I'd already swatched Ivanka (but haven't posted it yet; assuming I keep going around the color wheel, it'll be a while on that) so I knew it was going to be really pretty, and of course it is.
It may have been in the glass-fleck-type collection with Daul - I'll check on that when I get a chance. Ivanka has a dark-green base but Zoya talks about "mermaid green" as well, and that's because it has a good dose of blue-green in there somewhere. It reminded me of She's Beyond Kelp! actually - the blue-to-green shifting flakie.

(I'm not saying anything about who Ivanka might be named after, because that would involve the T-word, which I avoid at all costs. It makes my blood pressure go up.)

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