Monday, June 20, 2016

Lillibet's Jubilee

This is Zoya Neeka, which I've already talked about, and Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee:
This is a full-out almost-chrome metallic, which is something that BL does quite well. I bought it in a "Royal Purple" set with Pitter Patter and No More Waity Katie (which ought to be coming up very soon). It refers to the Queen's Jubilee several years ago - "Lillibet" for Elizabeth, see. Anyway, I've seen this referred to as "lavender" and "lilac" both, because nobody including me seems to ever know the difference between those two - I think that's because both lavender and lilac come in various purple tones, botanically speaking. This is definitely slightly on the blue side, but it's hard to tell - in many lights this will read as a silver. The purple is there but it's pale enough that it tends to disappear. Beautiful polish, though!

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