Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Windsor Mews, Odette

I posted a version of this picture back in March in an NOTD post, but this is more or less the proper place in my ongoing color wheel for these two grayed-out purples, NailsInc Windsor Mews and Zoya Odette:
(I cut Tickle My France-y out because it's more of a tan, really, although on the wheel in this picture it looks almost pink. It's clearly not purple, in any case.) Windsor Mews is a paler grayed out purple, and Odette is a somewhat darker one. Interestingly, you know how I always say I hate pastels on me? Windsor Mews seems to be the rare exception. Maybe I can't wear pastels unless they're really gray? I don't know. (Although I can think of one more piece of evidence for that theory, and that's Square Hue First Flight, which is a very pale gray which I also liked on me.)

I didn't check, but these are both relatively recent polishes and not LE, so they should still be available. Although it doesn't say so on the bottle, Windsor Mews is part of the NailKale line, which seems to be pretty hard-to-find in the US. (I caved in and checked - it's not available at Sephora, or not on the website, at least; but it is on NailsInc's US website. Added: I had a bad link there and that's now corrected. Nails Inc has it labeled as "midnight navy," for some reason!)

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