Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nail-Robi, Midnight Cami

More dark blues, Color Club Nail-Robi and Essie Midnight Cami:
Nail-robi is a bit odd - I've seen it called a purple, and I'm sure it depends partly on the light, but it looks like a blue to me. It's certainly leans a bit purple, but my bottle looks like a purple-leaning blue creme, not a blue-leaning purple. That's so dramatic a difference that I almost wonder if that's a batch issue rather than just the light. (Other bloggers see this as a blue - it's not just me.)

Midnight Cami is a very dark blue shimmer which hangs around on the verge of looking black much of the time. I've seen people call this polish purple-leaning as well, but I can't say that I see it at all. It seems to me like a straight-up blue. This was one of the first Essies I ever owned - I think I bought it from Ulta along with Mesmerize (a brighter blue which should be up soon) and Status Symbol (which is pink), if I'm remembering right.

I was looking at this commentary on Midnight Cami, which talks about staining, and while I don't remember Midnight Cami being a particular culprit there, I was thinking that that may be why I don't wear blues more often, because they're so prone to staining. I was really surprised at how few blues I have relative to purples and greens. And I love blue, as a color.

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