Sunday, June 5, 2016

State Of The Art, Glee

I did a mani a while back with these two polishes, Formula X State Of The Art and Jesse's Girl Glee:
The wheel slot with the two arrows pointing at it is the same as that manicure, Glee over State Of The Art. I really liked this a lot. Glee by itself is below that (it's marked out where I called it Firefly, because I keep doing that) and SotA is above. They're awfully close to the same shade on the wheel. In the bottle SotA almost looks like one of those bleached-out colors that were popular a year or two ago, but it doesn't really seem that way on the nail.

(I didn't actually mean to hit publish on this - obviously it's way out of order on my color wheel thing I've been doing - but I did, so I'm just going to leave it.)

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