Monday, June 13, 2016

Harmonie, Purple Potion

This is Zoya Harmonie and Xtreme Wear Purple Potion:
I have another Purple Potion which I've already talked about, the one in the tombstone bottle, so this is obviously not the same thing - not alike at all, in fact, other than being generally purple and having the same name. I'm pretty sure both these are discontinued. Harmonie is a super-retro lilac frost, but I have grown to be rather fond of it even though that's not my usual thing. It's not too pale, for one thing - I think of it as an Easter-egg color and I usually trot it out around then, sometime in the spring at least, if not often the rest of the time. The Xtreme Wear version of Purple Potion is darker (although not extremely dark) and you can see pretty clearly that it's got a blue duochrome shift to it. (Note that I swatched something else over the tip of it - one of those paler colors below it on the wheel, I think. But you can see PP by itself at the bottom of that nail.)

(added: better picture of Harmonie, here)

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