Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Punk-ish Purple, Purple Haze

This is Miracle Gel Punk-ish Purple and Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze:
These are both blue-leaning purples, but Purple Haze is much more grayed-out. These are both cremes. Purple Haze was one of the first RBL polishes I bought, and I think I just wasn't ready to pay that much for a polish - or at least, if I was going to pay $18 (I think that's what it was at the time) I wanted it to be all rainbows and sparkles or something. I complained a lot about it later, although I think I was always pretty fair about saying that my expectations were clearly just too high. (Nowadays, I just don't buy any creme and expect magic. Cremes by themselves are not my thing, just like pastels are not my thing and holos are not my thing. I'm slow, but I do finally figure out what I like.)

Punk-ish Purple is kind of unexpectedly awesome, though. As cremes go. And it does have that nice Miracle Gel formula that lasts really well.

Looking at Purple Haze and what's next to it on the wheel, I'm thinking I need to try Blue Rouge over Purple Haze - that looks like it has definite possibilities.

Punk-ish Purple was a fairly recent MG release so I imagine it's still available. RBL, as I've said repeatedly lately because apparently I own a lot of RBL purples, is out of business.

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