Thursday, June 16, 2016

Password Please, Plum Chunky Glitter

This is Butter London Password Please (a "fashion size" or mini size polish) and Orly Color Blast Plum Chunky Glitter:
Password Please alone is the bottom swatch on that wheel, and the one above it is Plum Chunky Glitter on top of Password Please. ("Plum Chunky Glitter"? Apparently Orly decided to just go for the straight-forward names with these glitters. The other Color Blast polishes I have are not like that.) I'm sure I swatched Plum Chunky Glitter by itself, too, but I can't find a picture of it. I'll add it later if I find the picture, but it's utterly boring alone, anyway. Over purple it looks interesting - it's got varied glitters in it that show up best over the dark background, apparently. The Orly page for it makes it look more interesting, too - it seems to be a mix of bright and dull glitters, basically. (Also note that while it's got "plum" in its name and there may be some plum colors mixed in there, the overall color here is not particularly plummy. Or at least it's a sort of a blackened plum.)

Password Please is a pretty straightforward blue-leaning purple. It came in a set (with the same name) that I bought heavily marked down directly from BL. (I swatched all of the set at the time but I didn't swatch Password Please alone.) I know it was sold out there but I googled and found it still available several places for full price, if you really want it badly enough.

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