Saturday, April 30, 2016

Butter London Password Please set

A few weeks ago I ordered this Butter London set for $9 with free shipping:
There are three mini-size polishes (I think BL calls them "fashion size"), and three even-smaller top-coats, basically nail-art size, plus an "ombre brush." Here it is on the website, but it's apparently sold out. Almost all of these polishes are limited-edition - the only one that's not is Doily (which I keep wanting to call Dolly). I have swatches of all of these - I swatched them in pairs, and I'll go through those below, but here are all the bottles:
This is Hush Hush (pink creme), Doily (white matte glitter topcoat), Password Please (dark purple creme), Spotlight (blue flakie, although they call it holo glitter), Looker (nude shimmer), and Bubbly (gold topcoat) - plus the ombre brush at the end.

This is Doily and Hush Hush:
I threw in an extra polish which is not in the bottle pictures (and not from this set, of course) - I had an unnamed bright-pink sparse glitter that I don't think I'd ever swatched before. That's it at the top alone, and I put it over Hush Hush as well, below that, just to try it out. And then the last pink nail is Doily over Hush Hush.

This is Password Please and Spotlight.
I love flakies, and they can call Spotlight a holo glitter but it looks like a flakie to me, and I'd totally buy a bigger size of it if it was available. Password Please is purple, but when you put Spotlight on top of it, it appears much more blue.

And last, we have Doily again because I swatched it again, this time over Looker, which is in the middle, and then also the last topcoat, which is Bubbly:

I'm not really sure if the ombre brush was necessary because this are pretty much just straightforward top-coats and I doubt that I'm really going to use it. But for $9, this is a deal any way you look at it.

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