Saturday, April 2, 2016

Peru-B-Ruby, Riley, Mad Women

OPI Peru-B-Ruby (from a long-ago South-American-themed collection, I think), Zoya Riley, and Miracle Gel Mad Women:
I'd still call these in "raspberry" territory, but the first two, at least, can read as red some of the time. Peru-B-Ruby is an old favorite of mine - and I found a note where I'd talked about this previously, saying it is a dupe or near-dupe for Chanel Tentation. I don't own any Chanel polishes at all so I can't testify as to that personally, but the link above has a comparison. I'm pretty sure it's long-discontinued, although there are some bottles for sale on Amazon, if you're in love enough to pay those prices. (This was my second bottle and it's still pretty full, so I'm good for the foreseeable future, anyway.) Unlike Peru-B-Ruby, which is pretty shimmer-packed, Riley is just a plain old creme, and once again I failed to be captivated by it. It seemed like I would like it but apparently not; it may be bound for the destash box. I do like Mad Women; it wore well and it's a pretty interesting color. (It seems to me like it might have a just a hint of blue shimmer to it, although I haven't found anything to back me up on that.)

OPI current polishes here (Peru-B-Ruby is not there)

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