Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hot Stuff, Are You Jelly, Free Spirit, Hasty

Instead of two polishes, as I've been doing, we have here four. (I was tempted to go back and re-take this, but then I'd have to go find everything again. Nah.) This is Orly Hot Stuff, China Glaze Are You Jelly?, Orly Color Blast Free Spirit, and L'Oreal Jet Set Shine Hasty:
Let's start with the comparison part - Free Spirit and Are You Jelly? are noticeably brighter than the Hot Stuff and Hasty, although they're all quite bright. I don't recall noticing how bright Free Spirit was when I wore it. I do remember Are You Jelly? being totally massively bright. (And it is of course actually a jelly. Also I would like to note that in many pictures it looks much more purple than it looks here.) Every time I wear Hot Stuff I can't stop looking at it, so there's that. I haven't worn Hasty in ages but, well, obviously, it's pretty similar.

Incidentally, Free Spirit is part of a Frozen duo - I haven't seen it on its own, but then I can't say I see Color Blast singles around a lot generally. (Or that I pay a lot of attention to them when I do, quite honestly.)

I bought Hot Stuff as part of a set, as well, but I don't think it was exclusively in that set. (Here is the Hot Stuff collection but I guess the fact that Hot Stuff is not actually there means it's discontinued. Probably because bright fuchsias are kind of a dime a dozen, I don't care how pretty they are.) Tiara is one of the polishes that were in that set, I know. Offhand I can't remember the others. (Groupie, maybe. Hmm, actually this is easy enough to check myself on: I only own 4 Orly minis, all of which must have been in the original set that I bought. The fourth one is Razzmatazz, and it's not on that list either, meaning they're likely all discontinued except Tiara.)

I was trying to keep count and I come up with a count of 16 polishes already discussed out of the 20 on that wheel. Now I just have to find the pictures of the other four!

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