Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vestido de Gala, Slammin' Red

This is Jade Vestido de Gala and Studio M Slammin' Red:
These two are not dupes but they're pretty similar, similar colors and similarly packed glitters. Vestido de Gala is a bit more purple. Slammin' Red maybe looks red in some lights but you'll never convince me it's a true red. (I got my Jade polishes from Llarowe so I don't know if there's a US seller for those right now. If you live where there are Meijer stores, that's where you get hooked up with the Studio M's - they have a whole range of these glitters - I just looked and they're still showing up on their website.)

(I did some musing about the translation of this Spanish phrase over here, so scroll down & read it there if that interests you!)

Not that it's hugely different, but here's what I said about them a while back. I'm repeating some pictures that I posted previously, but I like this format where there are only a couple of polishes per post, I'm using these pages as references, so gradually I hope to do all of my polishes in this format. (I'm trying not to post more than a couple a day, though.)

Also note that I got this from KarenD, and here's her post with comparisons between several Studio M glitters.

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