Friday, April 29, 2016

Robyn, Aster

Before I get to that, guess what - iPhone SE on the way, with a much-(much-much-)improved camera! Bear in mind that these pictures were all taken with an iPhone 4, and before that it was a circa-2005 low-end Canon. I would think those of you who have been looking at my terrible pictures for years (although they have improved somewhat, I think) might be breathing a sigh of relief.

Here are two of my new Zoyas, Robyn and Aster:
Robyn is one of those older colors that I've been hearing people rave about forever. I'm going to be interested to see if it's flattering to my (admittedly cranky) skintone. I've had shirts this color, and I didn't love them on me. So we'll see. I was unconvinced, I guess that's why I waited so long to buy it. Zoya describes it as "the perfect turquoise cream." Aster is periwinkle purple (not periwinkle blue) - that is, a fairly pale blue-violet that leans toward the violet side of things. And it's shimmery, but not as shimmery on its own as it looks with Leia on top of it. What's Zoya's description (you ask)? "A fresh periwinkle with specks of fuchsia" - which I wouldn't have guessed, the fuchsia part, I mean.

I think I finally gave in on Robyn because I saw it compared somewhere to the blue that's in OPI's new collection, Fearlessly Alice. Although in the pictures it doesn't look all that close. Anyway, I've got it now, and as I said, we'll see.

I already showed the picture of Aster and Leia a couple of entries ago, but just for the heck of it, here it is again:
Leia toned it down just a hair, but I still think it mostly looked slightly paler than it looks here.

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