Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Savita, Pitch Purple

This is Zoya Savita (which is a Matte Velvet polish) and Models Own Pitch Purple (which is a Hyper Gel polish):
So basically these are close to the opposite ends of the shine spectrum - that is, Savita is on the matte end of things (although to be more accurate, I would really call it a satin finish, not quite completely matte) and Pitch Purple is on the super-shiny end. I have to say, though, that I usually end up wearing most of the Matte Velvets with top-coat, because they all seem to have a gorgeous shimmer in them that you can't see if you leave them matte. I swatched several of them with top-coat on the tip so that you could see the effect, but apparently I didn't do that with Savita. Luckily for us, Scrangie did swatch them with top-coat, back in the day (2009) when these polishes were first released. (At least, that's when I think they were released. They've been re-released numerous times over the years.) This is the only HyperGel polish I have, and for that matter the only Models Own polish I have, but I really like it. It's a British brand and it used to be available through Llarowe, but Llarowe doesn't carry other polishes any more and I'm not sure if there's a steady US supplier these days. I imagine there are ways to get your hands on them, though. Anyway, this is a pretty similar color to Savita - look at the base of the Pitch Purple nail, where you can see the underlying color) although Pitch Purple is darker and more blue, and without the shimmer of Savita (which you can't see here anyway).

Savita is not considered a current color, because the Matte Velvets are all always LE. However, as I mentioned above, they have been re-released more than once, always in the fall, so if you are interested keep an eye out along about November. (I have all of the colors that Scrangie showed in the link above, and a couple more besides.)

I think it's becoming pretty clear that my stash project is getting into the blue end of the purples, now. I made a folder on my hard-drive called "blue-violet" and one called "purple" and these were in the purple folder, but when you compare it to the other purples they are pretty clearly more blue (compare the ones above it on the wheel, for example). I think I've finally run out of red-leaning ones - I sure had a lot of those. The blue-violets won't take nearly as long to get through, I think. (I love blue-violets but they're not at all as easy to find.)

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