Friday, June 24, 2016

CE39, Royal Invite

This is Layla Ceramic Effect CE39 and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Royal Invite:
Both of these are very blued-out purples, but the Layla is much more gray. (These are about the last purples I have that really read as purple. After this I think everything reads more blue.) I like both of these a lot, but Royal Invite is the showier one - it's very shimmer-packed. (I googled, and I came up with Karen's Royal Invite swatches, which don't look much like mine at all.)

Layla is a Italian brand and I don't think there is a regular US distributor. Nail Polish Canada carries Layla, I found (and they do deliver to the US, I checked on that), but they only have a few CE shades and this is not one of them. I had a little trouble navigating Layla's website but I don't think CE39 is a current color anyway. And Royal Invite was an LE color in the first place, as I remember, but apparently Diamond Strength as a line is discontinued (going from the list of SH sub-brands here). So yeah, good luck getting your hands on either of these.

Interestingly, given that I show Karen's swatches above for Royal Invite, I'm pretty sure I bought my own bottle of Royal Invite (although it's entirely possible that I only did so because of her swatches). But I'm pretty sure she did send me the Layla polish - in fact, I think she sent me both of the Layla polishes that I own. I don't know if she had a secret source for Laylas or if she was just getting them from Llarowe, and I am trying to resist the impulse to mine her website for the answer to that question right now.

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