Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Suri, I Love You

Here are Zoya Suri and Sinful Colors I Love You:
("Suri" makes me think of Suri Cruise, although I've never known Zoya to make it definite who their colors are named after, or only very rarely. "I Love You" makes me think of Barney, which is rather unfortunate because it brings that song to mind, but also may have been deliberate.) Suri is (in Zoya's words) "medium blue-toned purple with delicate red and blue shimmer and a smooth metallic finish." I Love You is definitely not "Barney purple" (Barney himself is definitely a more red-toned purple) but like Suri is more of a royal purple. ILU is much more glittery, of course. Scrangie says it has a jelly base, which I did not remember. Scrangie likes it a lot, in fact. So do I, although I rarely remember to wear it. Since it's a jelly, it either needs an undercoat or a lot of coats - I think the latter is the way I used to wear it. I'm not sure if the line you can see there is the actual fill line but I think that's approximately how much of it I've used - quite a lot.

Suri is a current Zoya color; I Love You is apparently not in Sinful's current lineup - that link should go to the polish that is most obviously similar, although it's from the Sinful Shine lineup so it's almost certainly not exactly the same.

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