Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taffeta, Thea

So this is Sally Hansen Satin Glam in Taffeta and Zoya Pixie Dust in Thea:
Taffeta is a red-violet satin; Thea is a bit darker and is a Pixie Dust (textured) - although it aligns more with what I think of as the Magical Pixie Dust formula even though it doesn't say that on the bottle. I don't have any of the ones that are labeled that way to compare, but this is what I understood that they looked like, basically - textured finish plus heavy holo glitter. It's very pretty.

I mentioned the messy swatch of Taffeta before - the thing is, I have a defective bottle. (This is not intended as a slam on Sally Hansen because I know this kind of thing happens once in a while. If I'd noticed it sooner I would have taken it back, but I didn't open it for a month or more and I just never bothered to try since it had been so long.) My bottle doesn't have a brush at all, but it's a pretty color and I keep telling myself I'll get another brush from somewhere in order to use it eventually. The messy swatch was applied with the brushless stub that's in the bottle, and it still looks pretty. Which is why I'm still not ready to give up on it.

Thea is still available - and in fact, regarding what I said above, the description on the website does indeed describe it as Magical Pixie Dust, so I can quit second-guessing myself on that. The Satin Glam line from Sally Hansen is retired; it was on clearance when I bought it and it doesn't show up on their website, either. (I remember that because I had been eyeing those for ages - I thought they looked pretty but they were awfully expensive - so I snapped it up the minute I saw that clearance.)

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