Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Orchid Of The Year, Aurora

Added: see links at the bottom** - I have better pictures of both of these, separately. This picture is still interesting as evidence of how similar in color these two polishes are, though!

This is another one of that bad batch of pictures, so enlarge at your own risk - I thought I was through all of those but apparently not. This is Lynnderella Orchid of the Year and Zoya Aurora.
These are the two very similar ones on the wheel - the one with the overt sparkly bits is Orchid Of The Year and the one above it (which is less obviously sparkly but still looks very similar in color) is Aurora. Orchid Of The Year is definitely meant to be Radiant Orchid, and I think Aurora was released slightly before Radiant Orchid became such a sensation but clearly it's in the same general spot on the color wheel. I love this color and both of these are quite beautiful. Orchid Of The Year is mixed sizes of glitter and Aurora is a holo. (Zoya's website is down as I'm writing this, but Aurora is still available as far as I know - it's a very popular polish, I've heard. Lynnderella polishes... well, you never know. I looked on eBay and I don't see OotY but Lynnderella does re-release things sometimes, and I'm pretty sure it was a popular polish for them, too, so it might turn up again in the future.)

** Newer posts here for Aurora & Orchid Of The Year - note also that Aurora was on my favorites of 2016 list, and Orchid Of The Year was hands-down my favorite polish of 2014.

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