Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, Japanese Rose Garden

These two OPI pink polishes are 10 years old or more and didn't come from the same collection, but I started wearing them together years ago and have ever since.
The two-toned swatch is both polishes at the tip (Aphrodite on top, naturally) and Japanese Rose Garden alone at the base. Shelby is the polish swatch above it, so you can see that it's darker and maybe a little dustier than Shelby and Look At My Bow. Maybe a little more pearly, too, it's not a straight creme, I would say. Aphrodite's Pink Nightie is pale and sheer as well as shimmery - it is a color you can easily imagine as a sheer frothy nightgown. But, as we've established, I'm picky. Japanese Rose Garden alone trips my "too-pink" meter and Aphrodite, of course, is too pale. But together, they split the difference, somehow, and become something I like. (I can't say I wear this combination a lot, these days, but I do trot it out occasionally.)

(Note that I had the name wrong on one of these polishes in the title, initially - for some reason my brain wants to call the darker one "Japanese Tea Garden" rather than Rose Garden. But I have corrected that.)

I'm experimenting with indoor lighting for these pictures, so you may notice some changing backgrounds, etc.

It turns out that Aphrodite is a current color. I was just sure both of these were discontinued, but apparently not! Aphrodite apparently was originally from the "Greek Isles" collection in 2004. Japanese Rose Garden was of course from a Japan collection but I don't know the year offhand. I can't feel too sad about it being discontinued, since I'm sure there's something plenty similar among OPI's masses of pinks.

Also: verification on the name, although I don't think it's really needed:
(but, y'know, I have the picture, so what the heck.)

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