Monday, May 16, 2016


As I mentioned a few days ago, I made a separate nail wheel for things I seriously intend to get rid of. That's not to say that these are the only things I'm getting rid of. These were actually the candidates to go away to Zoya in the Earth Day exchange. I bought six polishes from Zoya so that's what I was intending to send back; there are seven here because I changed my mind about one of them. I'll get to that. These are mostly drugstore brands because I figured those were the most likely to be full of toxic gunk. (I have not actually gotten these in the mail yet, I admit - but they are all boxed up and ready!)

(Added: I'm gradually adding more notes about all these polishes at the bottom of this entry, under a jump break.)

These two are Icing After Party (mixed shard glitter) and Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters, which seems to be intended to be a Happy Birthday type mixed glitter (but is only a half-hearted attempt, I think). Somehow I just never cared for either of these.
(Detailed comparison of Party of Five Glitters with HB & other polishes here.)

Then we have two pretty similar oranges, Xtreme Wear Crushed and NYC Times Square Tangerine Cream. I think I bought these in two different years to wear at Halloween. The NYC is more of a straight creme; the Xtreme Wear has that sort of slightly-metallic finish that a lot of the older Xtreme Wear colors have. (I don't know a better way to describe it.)
These two became destash candidates because I have other oranges and I don't really wear orange much except in the fall, so I can't see keeping them all.

Here's the one that faded, which I mentioned at the entry I linked above: Color Club Gimme A Grape Big Kiss. It was a scented polish and I was honestly only able to ID it by the fake-grape scent, because as you can see it's not really identifiable as anything like a grape color.
To be fair, it was never really purple, it was sort of a red-violet, and in the bottle it does really look sort of pink - but the swatch looks orange. (Hmm, it looks awfully purple in Scrangie's swatches, actually. But I remember it as being more like one of those red-violets that reads fuchsia.) (Here's what it looked like when I got it three years ago. - Three years ago to the day since that was posted, in fact!)

The other polish in the picture above is the one I changed my mind about, because I kind of like it, and that's Dusty Spring Fields, a sort of purple-tan color. I seem to have feelings for it, in a weird way, and I decided to switch it out with my only other polish from this brand, Ramblin' Red:
I have a bunch of colors like this, so this one felt more like something I could bear to part with. Also I think of the two, it had more severe wear issues. (I talked about that previously over here.)

Can you see why I don't destash much? I really am emotionally attached to some of my polishes. I do have more in a destash box, though, and I have actually thrown a few things away, and given a few things away. I'll get to those later.

Additional notes, links, comments about these polishes:

After Party: I bought this from a blog sale to see how I felt about shard glitters, but it turned out they are not my thing. This has many sizes of multicolor shard glitter. Mostly the colors are not really bright. (In this entry, I said, "Shreds & shards have become sort of a thing lately, I think, but this one was the first one I ever saw.")    PolishAholic's swatches

Party of Five Glitters: I guess this is a reference to the TV show; several of the polishes in this line have TV references ("Buffy The Violet Slayer" comes to mind, and "How I Met Your Magenta"). I've seen it said before that this is a (Lippmann) Happy Birthday dupe, but to me it's a quite underwhelming one. (On the other hand, here it is in a layering combo that's much cuter than anything I ever managed with it, so maybe it's just me.) This is still a current polish as of 2016, so somebody must like it.

As I've said, just because I destashed it doesn't mean I don't like it - I put a "least-favorite polishes" tag on this entry, but it's really only here because of the two glitters. Those are the only ones I really actively dislike.

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