Wednesday, May 25, 2016

PeachyPolish, Carly

Rescue Beauty Lounge is gone - I imagine most of you are already well aware of that. So you probably can't get hold of the first of these polishes except maybe on eBay - this is (I left of the .com part in the title so I wouldn't confuse the computer or something, but officially it's part of the name - note that that link, though, leads to the page where she talks about her polish, not just to the website in general.) The other one here you should still be able to get, and that's Carly.
I think Zoya's pictures of Carly at the link above are totally misleading - you can see that my bottle, at least, is certainly much darker than the bottle pictured there. Even the swatches on that page look different, which leads me to think that it's not just me. It's red-violet, but it's a dark red-violet - this is actually one of my favorite polishes, and has been for a long time. PeachyPolish looks like it's quite similar, which I didn't actually realize until I swatched these. In the bottle Carly has very noticeable metallic sparkle, where PP just looks like a heavy shimmer.

Added: more info on PeachyPolish here; Carly is in my top 10 Zoyas here.

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