Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rory, Kieko

Two Zoyas, Rory and Kieko:
These are both summer Zoya releases, I believe, but not from the same summer - I think Rory was from Beach & Surf, and Kieko from Summertime & Sunshine. You can see that Rory reads as more of a pink (although definitely with purple leanings) where Kieko is darker and more clearly on the purple side of things - I'd say it was in the general "radiant orchid" range of the Pantone Color of the Year a couple of years back. Kieko is, in fact, more similar to Harlow (above it on the wheel) than I would have guessed. Harlow is matte but with topcoat, as on the tip of the nail, here, it looks almost identical. And of course Rory is super-shimmery where Kieko is a plain old creme. If I was going to wear a plain old creme (which if you know me you know I rarely do), Kieko is a really good one. I love these colors.

Rory is still a current color, but Kieko is not I must have spelled it wrong when I looked before because it is indeed current. (I'm a good speller in general but I trip up sometimes on "ie" vs "ei"!)

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