Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dancer Is The Best Reindeer, Carter

This is Wet 'n' Wild (the label is missing on this but I'm pretty sure it's the Fast Dry line) Dancer Is The Best Reindeer, which I think was an LE color several years ago, and then Zoya Pixie Dust in Carter.
I just checked and Carter is still available on Zoya's website. I believe that all of the older Pixie Dusts are actually out of production but they had pretty substantial stock of them, I guess, because most of them are still there. (If you don't already know this, there are also 6 new Pixie Dusts as part of Zoya's summer collection!) Anyway, both of these are among my favorite polishes, I would say. (When I finish this current stash project - which won't be for a month or more if I stick to my limit of two posts a day - I will try to remember to go through all these swatches and come up with an all-time favorites list. That's something I've never done.)

So, Dancer Is The Best Reindeer is mixed glitter in purples and blues - there are other polishes with similar color mixes, I believe, although I can't tell you what they are right off the bat. And then Carter is purple texture with red-violet or fuchsia bits mixed in. It's pretty without topcoat but it is really stunning (and that's not a word I throw around lightly) with topcoat, because it brings out all the glittery bits. I know I've posted pictures before and I'll try to track those down.

Question: Since I've mentioned this subject already, is anybody annoyed by the two-a-day posting schedule? If so, please speak up in the comments!! I'm doing two posts a day for as long as my stash lasts, which may be several months at that rate.

If you want to know: I think I have around 500 bottles of polish. I skipped a few especially boring ones, but we're looking at 250 posts, more or less, to get through the whole thing. So that's 125 days, which would be, what, four months or so? Plus whatever NOTD posts and other miscellaneous posts, like the Sephora posts, I come up with, but there are usually only only a couple of those a week. I'm almost two months in but I wasn't being as consistent at first as I'm trying to be now. I'm now scheduling ahead and posting one at night where 8-5 people will see it in the morning, and the second one around lunch-time, so if you're getting notifications you'll see it in the afternoon, is the idea. And I'm posting 7 days a week in the interest of getting this done. I have Bloglovin' notifications on, and those go to Twitter so if it's annoying too many people I could turn the notifications off. (Or you can always just mute me for the duration and pick up again in August or so!)

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