Sunday, May 29, 2016

Boys 'n' Berries, Ultra Violet

This is my only Nina polish, Boys 'n' Berries (note that I've corrected my spelling on this - I had "Boyz 'n' Berries" but I think it's actually just "Boys"), and Revlon Nail Art Neons Ultra Violet:
I have two polishes called Ultra Violet (both spelled the same way, as two words, I'm pretty sure) but they are different brands. This one is a dual-ended wand - I bought a couple of these on the same day, and I was very up-front about the fact that I hated them. I couldn't use them without spilling something. And at the time I'd never really tried a neon, and it turns out I'm not big on neons, either. The other end of the wand is white base, and my experience is that it was incredibly streaky and just cranky to apply. I'm really tempted to just discard this one - it's always in the way, for one thing. But maybe I'll try it one more time for the summer before I decide. The swatch does not have the white base, but it does look like a true neon to me. Last I knew, these Nail Art Wands were still available - but perhaps not, the line is not showing up on Revlon's nail polish page any more.

I bought Boys 'n' Berries fairly recently but I haven't worn it yet. Maybe it was discontinued when I bought it, though, because it's not on the current list either. (I couldn't find a separate website for Nina - I think they're a Sally Beauty exclusive as far as I know. But they're not a brand I know anything much about.) I didn't put it next to G-listen To My Heart but they seem pretty similar - I think maybe G-listen is somewhat lighter-colored though.

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