Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ultimate Pink, Hi Sweetie

This is Essence Colour & Go in Ultimate Pink, and Clinique Hi Sweetie (a mini):
I can't really think of much to say about these, apart from the fact that they are pretty darn near identical - maybe Ultimate Pink is just a hair lighter. And the fact that I dripped Ultimate Pink onto the wheel reminds me that I believe it was thinner. I don't seem to have gotten any info about number of coats onto this wheel but I think that Hi Sweetie was a one-coater or pretty near to it. And Ultimate Pink was not. (Of course Ultimate Pink was $1.99, as I recall, and Clinique polishes are $12 or so, so there's that as a distinguishing factor as well - except that I just looked and neither of these polish lines seem to exist any more, per their respective brands' websites - Essence is pushing gels and Clinique doesn't seem to have any nail polish at all, now. Interesting.)

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