Friday, May 27, 2016

Film Noir, Break Through

Ugh, not a great picture - this is one I need to put on my list to re-take. Anyway, you can see the swatches and that's what matters, right? This is Finger Paints Film Noir and Essence Colour & Go Break Through:
Film Noir is the dark one and Break Through is above that. Break Through is just your basic red-violet, although it's a bit darker than some of the ones I've talked about in the last week or so. Film Noir, though, is the interesting one because it's different - it shows up on the nail considerably darker than the bottle color, as you can see - and matte. Finger Paints never seems to give you hints about unusual formulas - I have one that was unexpectedly textured, too (we'll get to that). I can't say I've worn Film Noir much - it would be a really good fall color, though. But I don't know of anything else remotely like it.

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