Sunday, May 29, 2016

Butterflies & Rosebuds, Morning Moneypenny

This is Julie G Butterflies & Rosebuds, and OPI Morning, Moneypenny (which is a magnetic):
These are darker red-violets - not as dark as Fig, as you can see on the wheel, but still definitely on the darker side. It's really not what you expect of a color called Butterflies & Rosebuds - maybe that's the point. Here is a swatch of B&R - I called it a blackened color back then, I notice, which might be true but if so it's not really spectacularly obvious. B&R is a microglitter and possibly that might be a fair description of Morning Moneypenny. It's got some scattered holo bits, I think, and of course it's a magnetic, but I didn't have a magnet ready to try that out here. And I'm not really that into magnetics, let's face it - like a lot of people I had a little flurry of interest where it was fun to play with them, and then I was pretty much over it. But luckily this is also a nice color even aside from the magnet effects.

Butterflies & Rosebuds is still showing up on the Jesse's Girl site as a current color. (Julie G is made by Jesse's Girl.) Morning Moneypenny was part of the Skyfall tie-in colors, and might still be findable, although it's not a current color, I'm sure enough about that that I'm not going to go check on it. I think the magnetics in particular were meant to be LE.

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