Friday, May 20, 2016

Into the circular file: Convergence

This mini of Chirality Convergence is something I've enjoyed but it's gone away now:
I didn't want to call this "destash" because it's not like I have something like it and I'm getting rid of it because I don't want/need it any more. I don't believe I have anything remotely like it. I'm getting rid of it because it's clearly just not usable at this point. Apparently I didn't close it properly at some time in the past, so I'm in no way blaming the nice lady of Chirality for this. You can't see what it really looked like on the nail but you can see the color, here, anyway. I imagine I have another swatch of it someplace, if I can dig it out. When it's not such a mess it's a lovely plum holo, I really liked it. And for the record, I believe you can still get this one on their website.

Added: There's some nice swatches if you scroll down here.

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