Sunday, May 29, 2016

Grape Minds Think Alike, G-listen To Your Heart

Here are Wet n Wild Wild Shine Grape Minds Think Alike and Sephora by OPI G-listen To Your Heart:
I tried and I'm having trouble with talking about these two colors without getting into the "what color is grape" issue. I think it's partly because G-listen To Your Heart (it's the bottle I'm looking at, not the swatch) has a lot more variety in its coloring and thus appears more "fruity" to me, even though it's really not much like the actual color of most grapes. (It seems more like the color of a raspberry, if anything.). Anyway, that issue aside, these two ended up next to each other on my wheel but they're not much alike in any way past general color family. Grape Minds Think Alike: creme, red-violet in sort of a neutral way, and fairly dark. G-listen To Your Heart: glitter top-coat in varying red-violets which generally lean more toward the raspberry-to-pink end of things. (Actually the two of them layered might be rather pleasing, though. I'll try to remember to try it.)

Added: I believe that Grape Minds Think Alike is a current color. My bottle says "new" because it was a new color a year or so ago when WnW changed the bottle style on the Wild Shine line. (I don't have legible size info in front of me but I think the new bottle are smaller than the old bottles. But since they're still 99 cents, it's hard to complain too much about that. And then as far as SOPI is concerned, they were discontinued several years ago. There are still probably stray bottles floating around, but the line as a whole is gone.

I tried to do some research on the color issue, and "grape" is one of those color categories that are used so broadly that it's meaningless, really. About the only reliable thing that it seems to mean is that it denotes something somewhere in the general region of purple. The polish above with "grape" in its name seems reasonable in that it's sort of a wine-color, a dark red-violet, but it's really just as common if not more so for the color grape to be blue-violet, as shown in the color swatches if you scroll down here (which seems to be the color reference that Wikipedia most often uses).  I even thought about using grape Kool-Aid as an example but my googling there got results that were just as confusing. Let's just say that "grape" in a polish name doesn't tell you much.

(I thought I knew a fair bit about color before I ever started talking online about nail polish, but boy oh boy, I can still learn more. Tons more.)

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