Friday, May 27, 2016

Purple Neon, Vanity Flare

Another picture that's more than slightly out-of-focus, darnit. This is Absolute New York Purple Neon, and SH Triple Shine Vanity Flare:
In case it's hurting your eyes (like it's hurting mine) trying to read the writing here, Purple Neon is the one pointing at the bottles that's lighter and a hair pinker. And Vanity Flare is the one above that. Purple Neon is a nice color, and these polishes seems to have pretty nice formulas - but what this polish is not, is a neon. No way, no how. I doubt that anybody except maybe the polish company would be inclined to argue with me about that, really. If you've ever worn a neon, you know what a neon looks like, and this ain't it. But other than that, it's a perfectly nice, if perfectly dupe-able red-violet. (Well, I assume it's dupe-able, I didn't actually make any attempt to check that.)

Vanity Flare is also pretty usual, although also just pretty, in a darker and maybe slightly bluer way. In fact, this bottle apparently spent some time lying on its side and you can see the blue pigment stuck to the side of the bottle. That's not to say it's anything I'd call a true blue-violet, because it isn't. It's just a more neutral purple than most of the ones we've seen up to now, assuming you've been following my two-by-two parade of fuchsias and red-violets from my stash, the last few weeks. From here you're going to start seeing some things that are more just plain purple - although I don't think I'm completely done with the red-violet end of things, either.

This picture is definitely going on my list to re-do, but meanwhile, it's going online as is. (What I'm doing is going back and editing these posts as I get more information or more pictures, etc. I'm considering these as sort of an illustrated index to my stash. There's an actual A-Z index in process, even.)

Swatches of the AbsoluteNY set here

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