Sunday, May 8, 2016

NOTD: Are You Jelly? over Girls On Film

I talked about this manicure at the bottom of the last NOTD post, and here's a picture:
This was taken at dinner (at the Chinese restaurant, which isn't especially well-lit) and my fingers look weird and oddly yellowed, but the color on my nails is surprisingly true. I tried out Girls On Film, which is very pale and - surprise! I didn't like it, because I never like pale things on me. So I got the idea of putting something sheer on top of it, which ended up being Are You Jelly? and it came out bright pink, but still with very visible speckles, and I'm fine with that. I actually followed that up tonight by putting Zoya Maya on top of the whole thing, which shifted it towards coral a little but not hugely so. (Maya is coral and sheer, so that's not too surprising.)

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