Saturday, May 14, 2016

English Rose

Well, I said I was done with pinks, and then I inevitably found a couple more. This is Rimmel English Rose, from the Lasting Finish Pro line:
I always have trouble describing colors like this - it's definitely a rose color, but it's maybe a bit on the dusty side and maybe also leans just a little bit coral? I am (clearly) unsure about that. Maybe we'll just settle on "rose" - which is what I usually call everything medium-pink. I did like it on me and I remember that it did actually wear quite well.

I will also note that the reason this polish is by itself rather than in a pair like most of these pictures is because the polish that it would have been with, the orange-looking one, is a polish with MAJOR fading issues and it's on a destash wheel that I will be getting to soon. (Slight spoiler: I will go so far as to tell you that the orange-looking polish actually has "grape" in its name. That's how far it has strayed from its original color.)

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