Sunday, May 22, 2016

Play by Sephora for May

I had figured out that they were changing the packaging for Sephora Play, and it went into effect this month. Instead of a box packed into a bigger box, you just get the black and white box as a mailing box, now, and inside you get a drawstring bag and a brochure:
This is fine with me - I always thought the old way was rather wasteful. The box doesn't have the cute lipstick design on it either, any more, but that's not particularly important to me either. (I have gotten, what, eight months of the old box, anyway, and I haven't thrown any of them away, they're too cute. I used four of them for Christmas gifts and I have all the booklets from past months in one of them, which means I still have a few extra boxes to use for future gifts or whatever.)

So instead of a whole booklet, which again, was somewhat wasteful, now it's just a big sheet of paper folded into fourths, and the card is now on the front instead of in the very back of the booklet. Basically I think they've ramped up Play! to full force now and they're being more efficient, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

Here it is unfolded:
It's not so big that it's totally unwieldy, but big enough to be legible, so that works.

I can't say I'm in love with the bag design. "Let's beauty together"? But whatever. Hopefully it won't be the same every month anyway. I'm sure I'll end up using that for a gift bag as well, if I don't use it myself.

And here's what's inside:
The theme is "Forces of Nature" which I believe is intended to mean natural products that pack a big punch. The item a lot of people are excited about, I imagine, is the Bite Amuse Bouche, because I think it's new. It's a good color and I like it, although I doubt that I will ever buy a full-size one. (I am still really into Nyx Lip Butter. That's become my current holy grail.) I opened it up so you can see the pink color, which is called Kimchi. (Here's the page from Sephora's website so I don't have to go into total detail about everything.) The Origins "Maskimizer" is a mask primer - a new thing, and there are two small mask samples to use with it. (The primer itself is in a spray-on bottle like a perfume sample.) Then there is the Tarteist pencil, which may be blending into the background here because it's so thin. I'm not in love with the color (which is Latergram, ha) but I do like the idea of the very thin lip crayon. And then there are the two things in tubes on the right: the Korres Rose Sauvage mask (which is basically just an extra-heavy night cream) and the Briogeo hair mask, which is called "Don't Despair, Repair!" I have already tried the Korres one and I really like it. I might fork out for that one later on. And I am definitely going to try the hair mask - and the Origins mask, as well. So on the whole, a pretty good box. (And oops! I forgot the perfume, which is Atelier - another citrus flavor, but different from the couple from them I already have.)

I have to say that on the whole I continue to think that Sephora Play is beating out Ipsy in product selection. I don't love every product but they're hitting the mark a lot more.

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