Monday, May 23, 2016

NOTD: Poltergeist Puddle

I seem to remember that on the day I bought this polish, I intended to buy a different purple from Pretty Serious, Purple Monkey Dishwasher - partly just because that's a hilarious name - and I went and looked at the website and I ended up buying Poltergeist Puddle instead. That was months ago and I've never gotten around to wearing Poltergeist Puddle and I had forgotten why I decided I needed it, that day. But here it is and it's pretty awesome:
I don't think this picture picks up the awesomeness, quite honestly. It just looks like another dark purple here. But there's all sorts of shimmer and shininess going on with it that you just can't see. It seems to have glimmers of blue in it, like maybe there's some blue flakies in there - but there's also what seems to be fuchsia shimmer. The website also mentions a "slight golden duochrome" which I haven't even been able to see yet; maybe I'll see it when I get it into sunlight.

Added: same day, outdoors under a cloudy sky:
You can definitely see the blue bits if you look closely in this one.

Still available from Pretty Serious, here. (Pretty Serious is not paying me or giving me free polish, but they're pretty much my favorite polish brand these days.)

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