Saturday, May 7, 2016


Zoya Chloe is a polish that I have historically loved, and although it's no longer available, luckily there are plenty of other flakies in this general colorway to take its place.
So what we have here on the wheel for illustration is Chloe alone (the very pale one) and then Chloe over Rimmel English Rose and Chloe over Essie Status Symbol. So you can see that Chloe alone has a pale-pink base, although on the wheel you can't really see the flakies at all, to speak of. However, I think what you see in the bottle is generally pretty accurate - sort of a coral-to-gold shift, primarily. (Zoya's original description was this: "sheer coral pink base with two types of duochrome Mylar flakes: red-orange to gold and gold-green to blue." I think the second type must be sparser, myself, although I don't doubt that they're there.)

I played around with the sunlight til I got a shot where you can better see the flakies doing their thing.
Basically, I spent the spring and summer of 2012 (just before I started this blog, although there are some pictures extant) wearing Chloe over anything and everything, particularly over bright pinks and bright-to-dark reds. I went through most of two bottles this way - mostly because I liked several coats of Chloe the best. (And Zoya discontinued it before I got around to buying a third one, darnit.)

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