Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spinning Out Of Control

 This is Misa Spinning Out Of Control (along with Zoya Suri, which I've already talked about):
Spinning Out Of Control seems to be darker and slightly bluer than Suri. I'm not sure I'd call either of them a true neutral, though. (If I were in the mood, we could go off on "what is neutral?" but meh, I'm too tired.)

Spinning Out Of Control is Misa #235. Misa is one of those brands (the other one I'd class with it offhand is Barielle) that you rarely hear about but which make awesome polishes. I suspect it's mostly because they don't have a big publicity budget to spend on sending promotional freebies to bloggers. - I haven't got a lot of either of these brands but the polishes I have are all terrific.

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