Thursday, February 23, 2017


This is Petra, the second of the two Marc Jacobs polishes that I bought recently:
This is a sort of pinkish-brown metallic, and I pointed out when I first showed my new Marc Jacobs purchases that this polish is actually really similar to Lancome Hotel Particulier. I'll repeat the picture that's at the bottom of that entry, that shows the two of them next to each other:
Hotel P on the left (with the name upside down), Petra on the right. This is two coats of Hotel P and only one of Petra, as opposed to the top picture, which is two coats. I compared them again in person after I added the second coat of Petra, and Petra is if anything actually darker than Hotel P in the end. (Both pictures were taken in the same light, and if you compare the two pictures you can get a pretty clear idea of the differences.) They're quite similar, but they are definitely not dupes.

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