Thursday, February 16, 2017

Strawberry Fields

This is China Glaze Strawberry Fields:
I posted a swatch way back when for this polish but I didn't really say much about it at the time other than that it leaned coral. (To me this leans much more coral than it looks in the bottle, in fact.) Scrangie calls it a medium pink with gold glass-fleck shimmer, and I suppose it's the gold that makes it look more like a coral. This came out way back in 2009, apparently, and is still available as a core CG color.

I found this "promotional clip" for Strawberry Fields (the song, that is, not the polish) on YouTube, and I thought I'd share since I don't remember having seen it before:
and should you wish to know more about this song, it has a pretty detailed Wikipedia page. (Actually this made me realize that I've always felt like this song was slightly out of tune - even though I do actually like it a lot - and the fact that they were splicing together versions in more than one key during the production process presumably explains why.)

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