Sunday, November 20, 2016


This is Color Club Snow-flakes:
This has flakie-type bits in it, but they seem more finely-milled than your average flakie. This swatch picture is almost useless - if you click through and blow it up even larger, you can see more of the flashes of glitter, but that's about all you can see on the nail. I believe that this is small mylar bits with very little color to them, in a clear base. I will try to get some more swatch pictures, maybe over a dark base, but I really think that what you can see in the bottle here is pretty much what you get, iridescent glitter bits that read clear-to-white. It's well-named, really.

This shows up on their website as a gel only - I think that means a traditional gel, the kind that has to be cured. Apparently the "standard" formula, like I have, is discontinued. (That doesn't mean you can't find it on Amazon or at a beauty supply, though!)

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