Monday, November 21, 2016

Sparkling Wave

This is LASplash Sparkling Wave:
I always had it in my head that this was a dark red, but this actually looks more dark-pink-to-fuchsia to me, wouldn't you agree? I bought three of these on sale from Cherry Culture one time - they all have names that start with "Sparkling" and as I recall the other two have clear bases but this one seems to be pink to match the glitter. Actually this interests me more as a pink than it did when I thought it was red - I have so many reds, and so many of them seem almost identical. I have tons of pinks and fuchsias, but at least there are a lot of varieties of pink and fuchsia!

Added: I forgot to talk about availability. First of all I looked at Cherry Culture, since that's where I bought these, and their main page says "Reopening Fall 2017" - so they're not even in business at the moment. As far as these polishes, I was thinking was that these were probably discontinued, and I'm pretty sure I'm right. In fact it doesn't look like LASplash is making nail polish at all any more, they seem to be doing just mostly eyes and lips. (That's what's selling best these days, after all!)

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