Friday, November 18, 2016

Apple Berry Smoothie

Here we have Rimmel Cocktail Colour Apple Berry Smoothie:
This is a weird little collection - I have three of them. One seems to clearly be a top-coat - I can't ever see it becoming opaque - but the other two, while still fairly sheer, can be gotten to opacity if you're patient. It took three coats with this one and only two with Baby Bellini. And I swear I read somewhere that these were meant to be one-coat colors, which is just laughable. It's the kind of thing that leads you to wonder if these formulas that got produced weren't quite what they intended them to be, or something. But anyway, that aside, I've always liked these. I think that Karen sent me one of them in a swap, and then liked it so much that I tracked down two more (at, y'know, CVS or someplace like that - they weren't hard to find, at the time). They have a pretty metallic sheen to them, in a slightly retro-looking way.

Wow, look at this - not only does it say "color each nail in just one stroke" but the color names don't match what I have. I've always wondered why "Apple Berry Smoothie" was blue - according to that it actually should be Hawaiian Punch. Weird. (But the names on other people's swatches seem to match mine, so apparently sometime between sending out promo material and actual production they switched all the color names around. -- Or, maybe they just mislabeled them all and decided to run with it!)

Anyway, despite these having been available at every drugstore in the US (and probably Canada and the UK too) at the time, they were actually a limited edition set - I did find a few of them in a quick Amazon search, but one of them was $40. (The other two were a much more reasonable $6 or so.) And this one was actually not among them at either price.

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