Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gray's Anatomy, Desert Storm

So this is Wet n Wild Fast Dry Gray's Anatomy and Square Hue Desert Storm, from the 1990s collection:
It annoys me that I keep taking pictures of the Square Hue bottles from the front, because you really can't see much of the color that way. But this is just your basic sand color. (Unlike the beige ones below it that I was complaining about yesterday, though, I believe I have actually worn Desert Storm.) Gray's Anatomy is more fun: it's got a sort of an oil-slick quality to it. I guess it's probably technically a duochrome, and it's quite sheer. You can see what looks like some pink shimmer on the nail wheel. (I've worn Gray's Anatomy a couple of times as a "syrup mani" - I thought I had a picture of that, but if I do I haven't been able to track it down so far.)

I think that both of these are current colors - Square Hue now carries a small selection of single bottles on its website, and Desert Storm is one of them. And I didn't re-check today, but I'm pretty sure Gray's Anatomy was still current the last time I checked, at least. Even if WnW has happened to drop it since then, it should still be findable.

(Huh. Square Hue actually calls Desert Storm a gray or greige - i.e., gray-beige. It doesn't look a bit gray to me,, but I might buy greige as a way of saying "slightly-gray beige." Look at it next to Gray's Anatomy, though - it's just... not gray.)

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