Sunday, January 1, 2017

Poltergeist Puddle - favorite polish of 2016

Happy 2017, all!

I started this blog in 2012, but I didn't get organized enough to start coming up with yearly favorites lists until 2014. So this is the third year I've done it, and that's enough to see a pattern here. A very definite pattern, in fact: I've ended up giving the top spot to a purple polish in all three years. They're not much alike other than that, but still, I definitely have a weak spot for purples. (If you followed the parade of purples from my stash earlier this year, you already know that I have a lot of purple polishes. If you didn't, well, the pictures were not so great, anyway, and I'm probably going to be reposting a lot of those swatches in 2017 with new pictures.)

Last year my favorite was RBLxR29 Pretty Gritty, which is blue-leaning but very grayed and grunged-out. In 2014 it was Lynnderella Orchid Of The Year, which is a bright red-violet glitter. This year's purple is:
Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle
- which is not even a new polish. For that matter, I'm pretty sure I bought it in 2015, and it wasn't new then, But I didn't get around to wearing it until this past year, which means by my rules, it's eligible. (From poking around looking at other people's entries about it, I think it must have come out way back in 2012, in fact, as a Halloween polish. So actually it's just slightly older than this blog.) This is another blue-leaning purple, but certainly nothing like Pretty Gritty. This is definitely not grungy; it shimmers and shifts all over the place, which is what I like so much about it.
Here's another picture of mine, and here is PS's own description:
Poltergeist Puddle is an intense blurple shimmer with a pink flash and a slight golden duochrome. The ethereal entry in the Monster Mash collection is a purple with an almost out-of-body glimmer and a spectral shimmer!
It is still a current polish. (And there is no reason in the world why you'd need to confine yourself to wearing this at Halloween, even if it was released that way! Purples are good absolutely any time, as far as I'm concerned.) (Although some workplaces may beg to differ, I admit.)

For the record, here's what I said about it when I was doing that big sweep through my stash back in June. (Nothing notably different than what I've said here, really.)

I had several Pretty Serious polishes in my favorites list for 2015, but this year there was only this one. There were other ones that I liked a lot, but when it came to cutting down to the shortlist, the others all fell off. I didn't think they were that unusual, or I just didn't feel like they crossed that line from "like" and into "love." But this one, clearly, I love.

And it even has its own little YouTube video:

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