Saturday, April 8, 2017

NOTD: Zuza + Nail Junkie (matte, of course)

I'm on this blue-green tear for some reason, so I started with Zoya Zuza and went from there. I think I started with Superfood base-coat (it was days ago now, but that's what I use most and I don't remember picking up anything else), then did two coats of Zuza. Then, well, remember how I said I bought multiple bottles of Nail Junkie? I couldn't resist trying it out. I think I only did one coat of that, but I can't 100% swear to that either at this point. (I remember the two coats of Zuza, though, go figure.) And then I finished up with Matte Me Crazy. As you can see it doesn't really make it truly matte, at least not with a flashy glitter like NJ. It just tamps it down some.
I showed Zuza alone earlier this week and I think that adding Nail Junkie made it lean just slightly more blue. Zuza on its own is more green than blue, and while you can see that it didn't shift it hugely off from the bottle color, I do think it changed it a bit.

This wore quite well, I'd had it on for two or three days when I took this picture and I still have it on - it's looking a bit ragged now (after a solid four days) but it still doesn't look totally awful. I'll probably do something new in the next day or so.

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