Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nothing but lists

It's pretty slow at work tonight, so I was looking around at Zoyas and also poking around my recent stash posts (Zoya, Sinful Colors, & Sally Hansen) and thinking about what I might destash. So here's two lists: (1) the Zoyas I might buy, and (2) things I might destash (some of which I may send to Zoya for recycling, which is the nominal point of the Earth Day promo, after all).

My birthday is coming up and I had told Rob I wanted a certain rather expensive new bag - but I can't find exactly what I want and I may just give up on that and get nail polish instead. (My old bag is still perfectly usable and I still like it, so why do I need a new one, right?) So given that, I might splurge a little more on Zoyas. (Earlier I said I wasn't buying more than six, but now I've caved a bit - EIGHT. That's still the maximum. Anything more than that is ridiculous given how many I already have.) And the other thing is I might get some stuff from Sephora, because the semi-annual VIB sale is coming up - I got a code in the mail. That part might be something other than nail polish, though.

So list #1 is possible Zoya purchases (this is two sublists, actually, Pixie Dusts and not-Pixie-Dusts):

Pixie Dusts:
  • Destiny - red-orange
  • Nyx - periwinkle
  • Stevie - red-violet
  • Vespa - pale jade
NOT Pixie Dusts:
  • Anaka ("glam pink")
  • Maria-Luisa - gold topper
  • Mimi (glass fleck purple)
  • Finley (Urban Grunge - dk purple holo)
I had a longer list but that's the short list right now. It might change - for example, there's two pretty dark purples there (Mimi and Finley, although they're nothing like dupes) and I'm worried about Nyx being awfully light in some pictures I've seen. I think that was also why I haven't bought both Nyx and Vespa previously, but I think Vespa darkens down enough that it'll be ok. Nyx may too but I'm less sure about it. This may change at any time until I actually order. (But I also think that the sooner you order on the Earth Day sale, the more likely you are not to have to wait a month to get your order, as has been known to happen sometimes!)

Later: I did actually order and I only ordered six after all. I put all eight of the polishes above in my cart, but then I took Nyx and Finley out again - I decided I thought Nyx was too pale, after I looked at a bunch of pictures. And I looked at more pictures and decided I was right that Mimi and Finley were too much the same shade of purple, even though they're different finishes. But Mimi is a glass fleck and I adore glass flecks, so it won. Finley is a holo and I like holos some days more than others; therefore, Finley got kicked while Mimi stayed. Then I put in two more polishes not on the list above (yeah, I was really waffling) - Logan (a green) and Nimue (a grayed-out purple). Then I looked at pictures some more and took Nimue out again, mostly because it showed definite brushstrokes in several pictures, and I don't need any more of that aggravation in my life - or at least, let's say, I have to really love a polish to be willing to put up with brushstrokes, and Nimue didn't pass that test! And then last of all, I took Maria-Luisa out because I just have so many gold top-coats already. This one said "cellophane" and that sounds awesome but I just couldn't quite talk myself into it. I was also waffling a bit on Destiny but I left that in. So I ended up with Destiny, Stevie, Vespa, Anaka, Mimi, and Logan. (Tangentially: I know Logan can be a girl's name too but all I can think of is Wolverine. That's throwing me off - but not enough to keep me from ordering it just the same.) Obviously when these turn up later on, you'll hear a lot more about them.

And then we come to the destash list. I have trouble detaching emotionally from quite a few of my polishes, I've talked about that before - but I'm making an effort. So I have the reasons why I'm destashing on this list to remind myself!

Sally Hansens (of various sub-brands):
  • Azure (crappy formula)
  • Black & Blue (because I never wear it)
  • Glitz Gal (because it looks like sludge)
  • Gray By Gray (because I never wear it)
  • Mist You (too pale)
  • Steely Gaze (dupe for several other dark grays)
  • Unbreakable Heart (dupe for several other reds)
  • Vanity Flare (dupe, & formula is iffy)
Sinful Colors:
Zoyas I will probably destash (although you can't send Zoyas back to Zoya in the Earth Day promo, that's in the fine print): 
  • Sooki (too orange) 
  • Ali (not flattering on me)
  • Charlotte (too pale)
  • Karina (maybe - just because I never wear it)
  • Riley (just sorta boring to me)
(The reason you can't send Zoyas to Zoya is because they don't have harmful chemicals in them to begin with, although I notice they don't extend that caveat to other 3-free brands!)

This is that Mystery Trio which includes Charlotte. Charlotte is the palest one. I think the dark one is Anais, which might also be a destash candidate. The only one I really care about keeping is the metallic one, which I think is Severine.

Next up in the stash-by-brand queue is Pretty Serious, so I'm starting to think about destashes there, too. After that is OPI (including Sephora by OPI & Nicole by OPI). (If anybody notices and is wondering, I actually wrote this before I wrote all the Pretty Serious posts that I posted in the last few days, but then I saw that PS was having their sale over the weekend and I changed the order around because of that.)

I saw this picture and I think this one is already in the destash box too - Maybelline Magenta Mirage, which as you can see is a crackle.
This particular nail crackled in an interesting way, but I could never get anything resembling consistent results over a whole manicure. (Wasn't there a question in that "unpopular opinions" tag about "trends you never got on board with"? Because maybe I should have said crackles. I wanted to like them, but somehow they never grabbed me when I actually tried them. I imagine I'm not the only one who feels that way.)

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