Friday, March 17, 2017

Unpopular opinions

This is was all over the place a month or two ago, so it's kind of old news by now, but what the heck. This was a "tag" on YouTube, and while I don't have my own YouTube channel, I do watch YouTube quite a lot - I watch various nail polish people, and I watch a little bit of beauty stuff, and I watch a lot of movie-related stuff. (My current movie opinions? Totally go see "Get Out" if you haven't already, and also go see "Logan" if it's at all your kind of thing - although it's quite violent so don't bother if you don't have a lot of tolerance for that. I don't think either one of those would really count as an unpopular opinion, though.)

I do have lots of opinions about most things so it's hard for me to resist a list of questions to answer - and this is no exception.

I watched Nailpolish BabyyNinety's answers to this first, but I tried not to be influenced too much by her answers. Then I decided not to watch any more til after I'm done writing this.

Bear in mind, you don't have to agree with me about any of this. This is just what I think. (Note that since writing this, I've watched more of those videos, and at least some of these opinions don't appear to be unpopular at all - several other people came up with the same answer to #1, for example.)

1. A popular polish you don't like - well, really there are lots of these, since I don't like pastels, don't much like nudes etc. (Although that's more because I don't think they are flattering on me, rather than that I hate that color per se.) Actually I'm going to jump completely the other way from pastels and nudes and say Lincoln Park After Dark. Everybody loves it and there's certainly nothing actually wrong with it but I just don't want to wear it. If I want something that dark, I'll just wear black. If I want a purple, I'll wear something that looks more purple. LPAD just glories in being both and neither, as far as I can tell.
2. A polish everyone hates but you like - I googled "nail polish everybody hates" and found a lot of pictures of Julep - but I've never even tried Julep so that's useless, for this purpose. Also it's really hard to get women, especially, to say on the internet what they hate (unless it's something like customer service issues, which I gather is a large part of the problem with Julep) because people don't want to get called "negative". So I'm not sure what people actually hate, in large numbers - other than Julep. But I like weird greens that a lot of people don't, so let's go with that. Butter London Wallis, for example, and those zombie greens that always come out at Halloween. I love that stuff, and not just at Halloween.
3. A nail polish finish you don't like - scattered holos (note that by this I don't mean the same ones that I talk about in question 8 below, because those are the glittery kind. I mean the less flashy ones like - just grabbing at some randomly - Briarwood and Lizard Belly. They're just too subtle for me.)
4. A popular brand you think is overpriced - anything over $15 or so, pretty much. There are a lot of polishes I like in those higher price ranges - Jin Soon, Smith & Cult, etc., but I can rarely talk myself into spending that much money (at least not since Rescue Beauty Lounge went away). (And hell, who am I kidding, I think Essie and OPI are overpriced too. That's why I have so few.)
5. A trend you can't get on board with - nails with all kinds of jewels and stuff attached. It's pretty, but I don't want anything that can fall off, on my nails. That seems to me to be going against the whole point of nail polish.
6. A trend you didn't like at its peak but do now - I really can't think of anything here. Either I liked them ok to begin with or I started out hating them and continued to hate. (Added: I will say that I was unimpressed by textures in the beginning. The first ones that I remember seeing were Liquid Sands, the first bunch that OPI put out (I think maybe they were from a Mariah Carey collection?) and they didn't have glitter in them or anything and I just thought they were boring. Then somewhere along the line Julie G and Zoya started doing the more glittery ones and OPI's got better and so I started loving them. However, I think the point when I started liking them was well before the trend "peaked" - which is why I didn't think to talk about this in the first place.)
7. A color you don't wear often or at all - for me that's yellow. I own NO yellows, they look terrible on me. (I do have some metallic golds and some yellowish greens and oranges, so I have stuff that's sort of vaguely in the yellow-toned ballpark, but straight-out yellows? Zero.)
8. A polish you like but think is overhyped - let's say the Zoya holos - Aurora/Blaze/Storm, etc. They're great and I especially am partial to Dream, but I don't quite get the Best. Thing. Ever!!! response.
9. A popular top coat you don't like - actually I can't think of one here. I feel like this question is begging people to rag on Seche Vite, but Seche Vite is alright. (OK, I do think it's overpriced, especially for a polish that turns to goo before you get anywhere near the bottom, but up until that point it does a good job, so eh.)
10. A nail polish that doesn't get enough love - Zoya Carter (red-leaning purple Pixie dust, it's awesome)
(This is Carter. Not that nobody ever talks about this polish, but some of the paler Pixie Dusts seem to get a lot more love.)

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