Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sinful Colors stash & top 5

I only have 19 Sinful Colors polishes in all (and one of them's just white nail art polish) so doing a top 10 would be sort of silly. I did pick out five that I especially like, though, and I'll show those below. But first, the whole crowd:
This is all 19. Getting round bottles to lay flat is always a problem, of course, but I managed it below by using a plastic box lid to corral them. (I also used the one flat-sided one, the nail art polish, as a stopper.)
So Bad Chick is the white nail art polish on the far left, which I believe is also the only creme polish in this whole bunch. (Some of them almost look like cremes, but I believe they all have at least some shimmer in them.) Across the top row, this is All About You, Gilded, Show Stopping, Sugar Sugar, Fig, Purple Diamond, I Love You, Winterberry, and Rich In Heart. The bottom row is Love Sprinkles, Casablanca, Let Me Go, Ice Dream, Charge It Up (which is a magnetic polish), Kobalt (which is the one with the blue top, the Kylie polish), Super Star, Nail Junkie, and Kissy.

Since there were 18 excluding the white one, and that's exactly how many spaces are on the nail wheels I have right now, I also did a nail wheel. (I know, I almost always do nail wheels for everything, but I'm not going to reswatch every polish from every brand, that's for sure. I only swatched 18 of 75 for Zoya, remember.) I'll put that below, but first let's get to what I decided was the top five:
I ended up with Kissy, Gilded, Winterberry, Nail Junkie, and I Love You as my top 5. (There were two more that got kicked out at the last minute, and I'll go ahead and tell you what those were: Let Me Go and Kobalt.) Unlike the top 10 Zoyas, which were all current polishes, none of these are current. I was actually surprised by that; I thought at least a couple of them were. (Let Me Go shows up on SC's website, but I'm not sure if it's still the same formula or not - it sure doesn't look the same in their picture.)

This is already long so I'm putting the wheel under the cut, so you can see it if you're interested and skip it if not!

Here's the wheel with all 18 regular polishes (meaning, excluding Bad Chick):
I put some of them over other things, so here's the guide:
  1. Rich In Heart
  2. Winterberry
  3. I Love You
  4. Purple Diamond
  5. Fig
  6. Sugar Sugar
  7. Show Stopping (over Sugar Sugar)
  8. Gilded
  9. All About You (over Charge It Up, which was a bad choice of undercoat, really)
  10. Love Sprinkles (over Sugar Sugar)
  11. Casablanca
  12. Let Me Go
  13. Ice Dream (over Casablanca)
  14. Charge It Up
  15. Kobalt
  16. Super Star (over Charge It Up)
  17. Nail Junkie
  18. Kissy
You can see the number of coats marked on the wheel (if there's an undercoat, it doesn't count that).

Here's Bad Chick closer up, for the record:

I did new bottle-&-wheel pictures for all the rest of them - once the swatches are done it's easier to just take all the pictures than to figure out which ones I really need! Here are the ones that it looks like I didn't really need to take because I had good pictures up already (with the links to those previous entries) - the rest of them will have new entries when I get a chance to put them up.

Kobalt (#15 on the wheel, and it's a texture)

Sugar Sugar (#6 on the wheel, and also the base under #7)

Gilded (#8 on the wheel)

Casablanca (#11 on the wheel, and also the base under #13)

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