Thursday, March 9, 2017

TBT: VT-100

I don't do Throwback Thursday posts really regularly, but I get on kicks of doing them occasionally, and I thought with St. Patrick's Day coming up and then with Greenery being the color of the year and everything, this end of winter/beginning of spring period might be a good time to show some greens. I have a few in regular stash posts coming up as well, but for TBTs I usually do old manicure pictures.

This is Pretty Serious VT-100, matte (from this post):
I believe it's named after an old terminal or something - man, you have to be an older person now to remember those old terminals with amber or green letters. I guess that was in the 80s, maybe. That's what this makes me think of, although (let me be perfectly clear about this) I wasn't very computer-literate back then.

I just looked up VT100 and they're even older than that (meaning the terminal not the polish), they date back to the late 70s - I do remember seeing those around but that was before I had had anything to do with computers at all! (Small anecdote: when I started grad school in 1981 they explained to us in an introductory lecture what "the computer is up" or "the computer is down" meant. I think I did know that by that time but not much else. There were no personal computers to speak of until a couple of years later, after all.)

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