Thursday, March 16, 2017

TBT: Chupacabra over black

This is a long-discontinued polish, Mod Lacquer Chupacabra, over green:
But, y'know, I'm not posting this til the 16th, so it's not like you could run out and order it for St.Patrick's Day in any case, right? It's more like an idea: green glitter over black.

(I do love this polish, and I only have a tiny tiny mini - I don't think I've worn it since this mani in 2014, because of that, quite honestly. I'm going to try to wear it again sometime and there's going to be nothing left but a dried-up lump of green glitter.)

(Also, man, my hand is pink in this picture. I wasn't going to talk about that again but I just can't help myself.)

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